1. Do you have CPR/First Aid and child development training?

I am CPR, First Aid, and Medication Administration certified. CPR is renewed annually and First Aid is renewed every two years. Professional development is ongoing education or training designed to increase an educator’s skills or knowledge or gain new competencies in early education and out of school time. Educators in family child care must complete at least 10 hours of professional development per year.

2. What is your sick child policy?

Illness is inevitable, but my policy is that no children are allowed to be at daycare until 24 hours have passed since a fever or vomiting has subsided.

3. Do you smoke? Do you have any pets?

No. This is a smoke/pet free facility.

4. What are your rates?

Please email me for current childcare rates.

5. How do you keep parents informed?

The parents/guardians are kept informed by a daily "consult session" which occurs at drop off and/or pick up times.

6. Do you supply any meals?

Parents will provide infant formula and baby food. A morning snack, lunch and a afternoon snack is provided. Parents may also, if they choose to do so, provide their own snacks and/or lunch.

7. Do you let children watch T. V.?

Television viewing is limited and monitored. Viewing is allowed during drop off and pick up times. We may occasionally watch a children's movie.

8. Do you follow the infant sleeping guidelines - back to sleep, blankets, sleep sacks, etc.?

We are required to follow the sleeping guidelines. Infants sleep on backs, no pillows, toys, or blankets are allowed. I use fitted sheets. We also are required to take a SIDs course and renew that course every three years.

9. What happens if my child becomes sick during the day?

If your child is too sick to remain in daycare, a parent will be notified. Your child would be kept comfortable and quiet until parents are able to come and pick up the child.

10.  Do you require that all children are vaccinated?

Family child care programs require families to provide evidence that the child has been successfully immunized according to the Department of Public Health's current recommended schedule and has had a complete physical examination within the last twelve months.

Families of children enrolled must provide documentation regarding immunization at the time of the child's admission into the child care program and have up to one month from the time of admission to submit documentation of the required physical examination.

Children's Record Exceptions. No child shall be required to have any such immunization if his parent(s) objects thereto, in writing, on the grounds that it conflicts with their sincere religious beliefs or if the child's physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant submits documentation that such a procedure is contraindicated.